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I love this wonderful amazing brown bubbling liquid over lots and lots of ice. My issue is that I love it too much. I love it so much that my most comfy jeans ended up being no longer comfy.

Yes, it was a sad day when I had to get out my wonderfully stretchy yoga pants and haul them up over a stomach that I swear was not mine. I was sure that someone had come in the night and replaced mine with someone else’s. Who would do such a thing?

The other small issue was the bathroom scale. For some reason it now knew no limits. It kept edging up one little pound at a time.

I needed my Coca-Cola. It was my reward for doing the stuff I didn’t want to do. The reward for lack of sleep so that I could keep going, I mean really I was not guzzling down 2 liter bottles BUT it seemed that my body was no longer in the mood to forgive a few extra calories here and there and more here than there.

So I banned it.


BUT I can zip my comfy jeans again and they do have a nice gap in the waist and I just might be ready for my doctor appointment.

Now my other issue along these lines is my love for a frozen coke. No matter what size I get, how I drink it, if I eat food with it, or anything else I have tried . . . I still seem to suffer from brain freeze.

Now I think I am fairly bright, so one would think with a great interest in science that I would have figured out that if this keeps happening . . . well then maybe I should stop stalking these things of pleasure and pain. So far it has ended up in the same category, as the Coca-Cola so I have been brain freeze free for the last few weeks.

More to come from The Chubby Old Lady with issues . . .