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Miss Rosie

Sir Thomas Fox

Soooooooo what do you do when you made a promise long ago and you now need to fulfill it.

You keep it!

That is how Miss Rosie and Sir Thomas Fox came to be my most recent companions. Rosie is a Japanese Chin and Thomas is a buff colored long hair domestic feline. Both are elderly. Rosie is 15+ years old and Thomas is 13+.

Rosie has some health issues, seizures occasionally and a heart murmur for the last 2 years. She makes me laugh all the time. Her usual expression is to have one side of her mouth pouched up in a very one-sided grin. I tried to catch a photo of that but of course was not successful. She has very short little legs and sort of prances when she trots around the house. She gets tired out so I make sure I have a place shoveled so that she can go outside. This is limited to days when it is at least 12 degrees F. If it gets colder than that she wheezes.

Rosie loves food. Her favorite person is my husband. I am more of a grazer, eating yogurt, nuts, and fruit. Rosie loves meat and knows that when the man comes home there will be meat and she can smell it cooking. She greets him at the door and follows him around especially in the kitchen. It is the highlight of her day.

Rosie is deaf and can’t see that well. She has been around cats for years so totally ignores them. My cats tried hissing at her and intimidating her but they did not even register on her sweet little mind. Rosie just went about doing what she wanted to do . . . which is not always the best thing. Rosie loves litter boxes and the trash – especially that stuff in the wastebaskets in the bathrooms. Her habits have brought out the tidier me.

Sir Thomas Fox is a great cat. He lounges, sleeps, watches the birds and other critters outside, and gets along with the other cats and his friend Rosie. One of the things he got to do was to expand his horizons and travel. My Mom lived on the other side of Lake Michigan. So Thomas and Rosie both got to go on the SS Badger, my favorite ferry. They made 3 trips on her. There was a lot to go through in my Mom’s house, which will be another blog.

The first time we traveled Thomas meowed and cried until we got to the boat for about 40 minutes. Since there was no divine intervention to get him out of the carrier he finally decided to stop. He was very good with the other trips. He is also very happy that he only has had to go in the carrier one other time to get checked out by the vet and get chipped. I have a wonderful veterinarian that has a mobile pet hospital and will do house visits. With my crew of 5 it is very helpful.

Thomas is such a dear boy. He will always tap me with his paw when he wants to get up on my lap. My Mom was pushing him away towards the end of her life so he has been craving attention and I am more than happy to give it to him. He is my super cuddle bug.

The best thing about bringing them home with me is that they are the last living vestiges of my Mom. When I care for them I care for her and her memory. I also benefit because they are both very loving and that makes the circle complete.

Love is love is love and goes on and on.


Cat Coat Attack

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Yanjing and Twilight play with each other underneath a trench coat.

Here they are playing on their new climber/scratcher. Tails and shadows are very interesting. Fun to catch and to nibble.

Carny’s Dance by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

This is my cat Yanjing.  He was feral and with much love and tender loving care he has become an amazing indoor pet.  He is a year old now and I trapped his feral sister to take her to be spayed… but she had other plans she gave birth to 6 tiny kittens the next day. They are becoming very social.

Yanjing plays fetch!

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This is Yanjing playing fetch with me.  He is a feral kitty and likes to take his time adjusting to new places.  We are slowly expanding his world. favorite things are to play and to be brushed.  We had already played fetch for awhile when I decided to make this video.  Being a kitten he does get tired even when he still wants to play.  Much like a kid.

When I found Yanjing in the ceiling of my basement garage he was 6 months old. I was looking for ways to help this feral kitty become a pet. One of the things I would do would be to search for youtube videos that had kittens and cats purring and playing. These were very helpful. I also wanted to get something that we could watch together. I found this Cat Sitter video from and as you will see he loves it. I need to get the rest of them. The one I have gets 5 stars from me!

Feral Kitty – Yanjing – Eyes

I have considered myself a dog person since I was in the 5th grade.  I had traded my parakeet for a cat a few years before . . . but . . . sadly it got hit by a car and died. I was devastated.

I have had dogs ever since. Dogs – they love you no matter what. So how did I fall for a big eyed kitten looking down at me from behind the spool of coiling wire that hauls up and down one of the garage doors?

That was 37 days ago, Thanksgiving evening after dinner.  My son heard it mewing and it sounded like it was in the heating duct between our basement garage and the first floor living/dining room. This put all of the grandkids into action including pulling the cover off the heat register while I was down in the garage looking at the vents and trying to figure out how a kitty could get in there and how I would get it out.

I was studying the vent connection with the register when I saw something move. It was a very small head with great big eyes. I opened a can of tuna and left it where it was to come up with a plan. One son’s family lives locally and went home and the other son’s family was staying with us and there was no sleeping that night. It was very hard to convince an almost two year old that the kitty would be just fine in the heat run.

The next day I found a long wide board and put it up to the kitty’s hiding spot and left a trail of tuna down the wood ramp and out of the garage to a small bowl with more tuna.

The kitty came down and seemed to have vacated the garage so I took down all of the boards and closed the door.  The next day the same son heard the kitty again, still inside the garage.

I could not turn down a Thanksgiving kitty. After feeding it and only catching glimpses of it I got a kitty safe live trap from a friend and after much hesitation the kitty was trapped and ready to move to its new room.

I went about constructing a kitty condo out of two display cases so that I could create a safe habitat for the kitty when my son and his family returned with my grand dog that does not like cats.

The kitty condo worked! Kitty, dog, kids, and parents all survived.

Kitty is being wormed which involves weighing him every two weeks for 4 doses (just discovered that kitty is a male) and that is not much fun. I hope that he will go into his carrier so I can weigh him Saturday or Sunday.

Currently he will eat out of my hand if I have it very very still and open. He will also eat from the bowl if it is close to me as long as I don’t move around a lot or make any sudden noises (sneezing scares him), and our brand new activity – watching We are watching videos of kitties purring and kitties being petted. He finds these very interesting. He sniffs the computer screen and wonders why these kitties make noise but don’t smell like anything. I also brought in a toy stuffed kitty to pet. He did watch every move I made.

We have had a good day today – less hissing and more playing. He looks twice as big as when he arrived; bigger than his outdoor siblings. Yes, I am feeding them too. I hope to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and return them to our neighborhood.

Each day is a learning experience. Yanjing loves to eat and play; he still has the biggest yellow green eyes and endless curiosity. More to come!

Yanging about 2 weeks ago

Yanging about 2 weeks ago

Yanjing last week

Yanjing last week

dog proofed kitty condo

dog proofed kitty condo

kitty condo with free access

kitty condo with free access


The Collection
By Marcia A. Borell

With trembling hands she picked up the ornate antique magnifying glass. She was surprised to see her reflection in the glass and how much younger she looked. It took her back to the first time she wore it. Long black bias cut velvet dress, a gardenia in her hair, and the silver magnifying glass dangling between her breasts from its long heavy silver chain. In her prime she would have been referred to as a looker, that memory made her smile.

She picked up the goldfish pendant, delicate yellow, orange with a bit of red blown glass. It was a gift from her Aunt and would need much care. She remembered how carefully she would hook the clasp making sure that the glass fish would be secure. As she put it back in the box on the table she caught yet another look of a much younger self in the glass. Yes, nineteen, she wore it on her first date with the young man that would become her husband.

She caught another glimpse of herself in the glass. She was a very serious nine year old. She had just opened up a small box containing a silver elephant. A gift from her much traveled Grandmama. It was something that she had always treasured and had worn as she traveled the world.

Yes, the snake pin, it had always stood for resolving and healing issues. Today transformation was the gift of this pin. She carefully put it in its box and attached the last nametag. All of her collection was now boxed and labeled. She watched as the shadow of a cat moved along the wall. It was time.

She rested her head back on the chair and could feel the warm breath of the cat she had lost when she was ten. He began to purr and rub his cheek on her chin. She could hear the thump of a tail as her Brittany spaniel returned as a young pup and jumped up on her lap. More purrs, more wagging tales, the sound of wings surrounded her, on her shoulder, on her lap, and under her feet wrapping her in love.

The nurse put down her chart and took her pulse surprised by the small green feather in her hand and an odd assortment of what looked like cat or dog hair on her gown. The nurse saw the small box with her name on it. She bent down and kissed the top of her head. Tears she never shed were running down her cheeks. She patted the dear old woman’s hand. She would miss her stories and her love of life. She paused at the door taking in for one last time the sense of peace, joy, and laughter that lingered in the room.

For cat and mice lovers - my sort of odd sense of humor.

For cat and mice lovers – my sort of odd sense of humor. (First Published in FMAM: Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine. Fall 2003. Print)