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A Day in the Life: Artist, Poet & Writer Marcia Borell!.

Thanks so much for the interview Terrie!!!!


One of the google groups that I really enjoy are Wednesday Bookmarks / Marque-pages du mercredi curated by Véronica Riboulot.  

Readers will love the variety of different bookmarks created by many different photographers.  

crow in snowCrow in Snow

Take a look and make a few of your own.  They will be a great addition to any book you are giving. 


I started taking photos of animals last winter.  I have had so much fun watching what they do.  I am still learning and still enjoying their personalities  and the ways they relate to one another.

This is my winter bunny from last April.  We seem to be having winters that do not want to end.  This little bunny is peeking at you from over a snow covered step on my back deck.  I know that so many people have gotten not only inches of snow but feet of snow in the last days.

I hope that everyone is safe and warm.

I will be out to shovel again when the snow stops.

I am glad that there is always hot chocolate to warm the heart, body, and spirit.


This was first published as the cover for Glyph – The Journal of Fantasy and Legend. Issue 8, 2002



death coming for you

A few little things to start getting creepy for Halloween. Bwahahahahaha


First published in FMAM:  Futures Mysterious Anthology  Magazine, Spring 2004, For the story Missing Ada by Dee Stuart.

Halloween is coming.  It is one of my favorite holidays.  I also love skeletons so this illustration works well for this time of year.

Happy Halloween!


Cover published Summer, 2007, Issue 15, Whispers of Wickedness


First Published in Derek Clendening’s chapbook
Blood Verse: The Vampire as Poet  for the poem, In Broad Daylight.

September, 2007 by Sam’s Dot Publishing.



Burning - First Published as the cover for aoife's kiss, March 2005.

Burning – First Published as the cover for aoife’s kiss, March 2005.

Have you ever had a burning desire?  Something that consumes you?  Something that filters into all of your thoughts and dreams?  How do you tame it?  How do you feed it?  How do you turn it off?  What is your burning desire. . .fame, fortune, love, beauty, power, healing, revenge, the list goes on and on.  Do you covet the gem, release it onto the world, destroy it, or try to turn and twist it into something for the highest good for all.  Not an easy task.

First Published in Glyph: The Journal of Fantasy and Legend, Issue 8, 2002. It was the illustration for the story Old Yew and the Consequences of Conduct by Genevieve Williams.