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Cat Coat Attack

Posted: March 9, 2016 in caturday, Uncategorized
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Yanjing and Twilight play with each other underneath a trench coat.


Hopefully Yanjing will be able to get along with his nieces and nephews. Will be feeding them together (with the cage between them) so that being together will be a positive experience.

Background music is Nail Biting by Riot from Youtube’s audio library. (The title seemed really appropriate for this video.)

Here are Chase, Midnight, Twilight, and Hu Mao (Tiger Cat). You will see that Hu Mao is very curious about the camera at the end.  Music: Working It by Jingle Punks

Enjoy the kitten ball battle.  The background music is Arriba Mami by Jingle Punks.

I have been working for more than a year or two with Terrie L. Relf on a book of her poetry with my illustrations.  We finished it today!  I am so excited.  I hope that everyone will love her sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and pursuit of the writing muse poems and my illustrations.  I did the cover too!!!!!!!!

cover search for a kinder muse

woooo hoooo I am excited.

Sketch and Spot at play.  Sketch has the complete white mustache and Spot has a black spot on his back foot.

house of tesla cover

It is a great read – full of adventure, science, and mystery.  Nikola Tesla – one of the most overlooked visionaries. I have 4 more interior illustrations to complete.  Check out excerpts on his wordpress page.

catfishToday use my illustration to write your won story or poem. Feel free to draw the next pictures that will go with this one. You may also paint it, add things to it, change it any way you want.  🙂