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eye to eye

Here we are eye to eye!  Respect for others and animals start young.

I am not sure which one is more interested in the other.


ghost squirrel

I decided to create a ghostly costume for my somewhat ratlike looking squirrel.

His pose was perfect with his tail out of the way.

All he is missing is his trick or treat bag.

Red Squirrel Praying

Red Squirrel Praying

Fall Squirrel
A Twabble by Marcia Borell

There is a chill in the air. A red squirrel eyes bare oaks and their scattered acorns. He stops and prays for a mild winter.

I love the little sunflower seed that drops from his mouth as he seems to be a bit put off by being the subject of my photography.

Music by Jingle Punk – Sunshine in my Heart from the Youtube audio library.


Do you ever have one of those days when you feel like you are just barely hanging in there? That you are out there on a limb? Here is one of my very flexible squirrels looking for peanuts – She is really hanging on out on a limb.


Here is a close-up of my sweet black squirrel.



Water for Mr. Gray – A Twabble
By Marcia A. Borell

Ears alert my whiskers just above the water. I love the coolness of the leafy shade. One more sip then down to the feeders.


Gray Squirrel
By Marcia Borell

Nibbler grips the peanut in his teeth. Secure on his branch he twists the shell end to end. At last he eats the tasty treat.


Red Squirrel – A twabble
By Marcia A. Borell

The hyperactive climbing, jumping red squirrel bounces across my yard. He gnaws strewn seeds. I focus my camera. Snap.

A Twabble is exactly 100 characters long… counting punctuation but not: spaces, linefeeds, etc.

Greetings from my backyard.  Come check out my very brave gray squirrel!  I made the dragonhead and decided to see how the different squirrels would react to it.  Enjoy and feel free to share it.

Music from Youtube Audio Library, Galactic Damages by Jingle Punks.