Marcia A. Borell loves to combine art and words. Marcia has been making art since she could hold a crayon. She has never met an art form she didn’t like. Her favorite genres are children’s, mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, alternative healing, short stories, poetry, and how to books. Marcia has spent her life perusing garage sales and thrift stores for odd bits and pieces that are repurposed into unusual art and wearable art. She loves to work in clay, fibers, ink, pencil, photography, and paint. Marcia also loves to write, drabbles are her favorite challenge.
A drabble must have a beginning, a middle, and an end to the story. The story itself may only contain exactly 100 words.
Marcia has worked as a free lance illustrator and writer for many small press magazines.
More meditation, drabble, how to create art, and children’s books to come. Currently they are living in stacks of notepaper, drawing paper, and journals.

I will be working on new posts.

My Sunday Funnies and Meditation Mondays will be joined by Wednesday Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-fi Art and Saturday Drabbles, Flash Fiction, and Illustrations for Children.



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