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OK, my plan has always been to live to be 100. The closer I get to that age the more I am rethinking that idea. I have now upped it to 110. Why you might ask??????

Because I have endless curiosity! I think I just might be able to learn everything I want to learn by then.

I do have one big issue! My knees are not always happy. I live in a house that has steps. Yes, the only way I can get into the main living area of my house is to climb steps. Also, my studio is in the lower level (basement) so I am up and down and up and down many times each day.

On Tuesday I over did it AND chose (wrongly) to ignore it. Soooooo by the end of the day on Wednesday I could not bend my knee without it hurting! DAH! Yes, I can be a true idiot and bury my head in the sand when it comes to my health. I am a big believer that if I don’t pay attention to it THE IT will go away.

I could get away with that when I was younger. Judo injuries disappeared in a day or two. Finally had to stop Judo because it began to take too long to get my body back together.

So sadly – now it only takes a dozen or so trips up and down the steps before my knee or knees start to hurt. I have now decided that I can take action before that happens. I can put on my knee brace before I start running the steps. I could also take an aspirin or ibuprofen when it starts to bother me. I HATE PILLS!

The other issue is that there is NO WAY into my house without using the steps or walking up the hill in front of my house. So we come to the bottom line and I do mean bottom line. As I said before I need to ditch some weight. Not tons of it but enough of it.


Every pound of excess weight exerts about 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knees. So a person who is 10 pounds overweight has 40 pounds of extra pressure on his knees; if a person is 100 pounds overweight, that is 400 pounds of extra pressure on his knees. “So if you think about all the steps you take in a day, you can see why it would lead to premature damage in weight-bearing joints,” says Dr. Matteson.

I felt really great when I weighed 130 pounds. Currently I am at 157. That means that I am not gigantic and since I do exercise most (not all) of it is fairly well contained. BUT that means with every step I take I am putting an extra 108 pounds of stress on my knees! Eeeeek!!!!! So if you add the 108 to 157 I end up with a total of 265 pounds on each step since I do take them one foot at a time. And if I am doing them fast it means that for a few seconds I am airborne then boom my total weight plus the extra hits the step as my foot lands then exerts maximum force to push down and get my other foot to land on then next step. SIGH!!!!!!

So I will be paying more attention to my body mechanics, I will cut down on my favorite calories, and start doing more walking.

So this Chubby Old Lady will be working hard at being the comfy, squishy, huggable Yaya mentally and being the much more fit and physically comfortable Yaya. I want to be able to pick up, run, jump, and play with my grandkids Yaya for the next 45 years or so. One hundred and ten here I come!!!!!


PS So far I am Coca-Cola FREE! Yeah!!!!!!





Twilight, Moonlight, and Yanjing

September 22 is Remember the Rescues, a day to place as many rescues in forever homes.

For me it all started one Thanksgiving when my visiting son told me that he thought there was a cat trapped in our heat run. At that time I had never heard of ferals. After putting food out and seeing some footprints outside I thought he had gone home. The next day my son heard him again still in the garage.

I was lucky enough to have a friend that did TNR – Trap, Neuter, and Return.

The first time I saw him up by the top of the garage doors all I could see were two gigantic glowing eyes in the beam of my flashlight. Then I saw him through the window of the door and noticed that he was beautiful.

So I borrowed a trap and fell in love with him. IT TOOK HIM several months to decide that I was OK and a bit longer for him to decide that he just might be able to love me back. His name almost became Hissy Face because that is what he did for the first 2 months. I also started trapping and doing TNR on his family that lived next door under the deck. There was his Mom, his sister, and his 2 brothers. I also trapped his Dad, who was a really big guy with black velvet fur. I trapped his sister, I names Sunnyspots, too late. She gave birth to 6 kittens in the trap in the basement.

I now have Yanjing, and his nephew Twilight and his niece Moonlight inside. His two brothers Houdini and FuzzyWuzzy, and Miss Molly their Mom live outside. I have been getting their winter home and feeding station ready. Sunnyspots came back for a month or two this spring and then was off again. Midnight has disappeared which makes me very sad. All have been spayed/neutered and given their shots.

I am a DOG person. How did it happen that I fell in love with ferals????

I think it is because they do crazy, crazy stuff. Last night there was a Daddy Longlegs up above the window in the TV room. Twilight one of the kitten twins saw him and was trying to make sure that he captured it. He was on the 3 1/2 foot cat tree. He stretched up as far as he could and then took a gigantic leap and ended up hanging from the top molding of the window. I got him before he crashed and burned and then knocked down the spider so that he could hunt in a much safer way on the floor.

Yanjing is my cat hero. He totally killed a huge spider that he found on the floor just inches away from where I had been snoozing a few minutes before. He is awesome.

Then there are the 11 PM stampedes. The three of them will thunder through the house from one end to the other for about 5 minutes and that works up their appetite for their final meal of the day.

They are huge fans of paper bags, boxes, and the brown paper that comes with their food order.

They stalk each other. Bath each other. Entertain each other and make me laugh everyday.

So if you have a place in your heart and your home for a forever fur buddy check them out at your local animal shelter.

Also the photos are of my feral habitat that I am starting to winterize.

hugs to all,
The Chubby Old Lady




I love this wonderful amazing brown bubbling liquid over lots and lots of ice. My issue is that I love it too much. I love it so much that my most comfy jeans ended up being no longer comfy.

Yes, it was a sad day when I had to get out my wonderfully stretchy yoga pants and haul them up over a stomach that I swear was not mine. I was sure that someone had come in the night and replaced mine with someone else’s. Who would do such a thing?

The other small issue was the bathroom scale. For some reason it now knew no limits. It kept edging up one little pound at a time.

I needed my Coca-Cola. It was my reward for doing the stuff I didn’t want to do. The reward for lack of sleep so that I could keep going, I mean really I was not guzzling down 2 liter bottles BUT it seemed that my body was no longer in the mood to forgive a few extra calories here and there and more here than there.

So I banned it.


BUT I can zip my comfy jeans again and they do have a nice gap in the waist and I just might be ready for my doctor appointment.

Now my other issue along these lines is my love for a frozen coke. No matter what size I get, how I drink it, if I eat food with it, or anything else I have tried . . . I still seem to suffer from brain freeze.

Now I think I am fairly bright, so one would think with a great interest in science that I would have figured out that if this keeps happening . . . well then maybe I should stop stalking these things of pleasure and pain. So far it has ended up in the same category, as the Coca-Cola so I have been brain freeze free for the last few weeks.

More to come from The Chubby Old Lady with issues . . .