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Here are the feral kittens almost 7 weeks old (6 weeks and 5 days) trying to dance and prance. Trying to film them was a lot like herding cats/kittens.  🙂


I have been working for more than a year or two with Terrie L. Relf on a book of her poetry with my illustrations.  We finished it today!  I am so excited.  I hope that everyone will love her sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and pursuit of the writing muse poems and my illustrations.  I did the cover too!!!!!!!!

cover search for a kinder muse

woooo hoooo I am excited.

Sketch and Spot at play.  Sketch has the complete white mustache and Spot has a black spot on his back foot.

This is my cat Yanjing.  He was feral and with much love and tender loving care he has become an amazing indoor pet.  He is a year old now and I trapped his feral sister to take her to be spayed… but she had other plans she gave birth to 6 tiny kittens the next day. They are becoming very social.