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Little did I know last Thanksgiving morning that by that night I would become a cat person or that I would take a very active part in TNR – trapping, neutering, and returning feral cats to their habitat.

I currently share my home with Yanjing, who crawled up into the ceiling of my garage, which was also the floor of my living room, on Thanksgiving night. Seven days later I became the owner of a hissing, spitting six month old Classic Tabby kitten.

The other occupant of my house is his sister, Sunny Spots, a Spotted Tabby. I trapped her and was going to have her spayed until she gave birth to these six kittens. She is a very small cat and only a year old.

This is the first movie of the kittens. Please excuse the blurring. My camera decides to self focus at the oddest times.

Yanjing’s Mom (Miss Molly), his brothers (Houdini and Fuzzy Wuzzy) have been neutered. I also managed to trap the Dad of Miss Molly’s first 4 kittens this year and he has been neutered. All have been dewormed and immunized. The 4 older kittens are with a friend who is socializing them for adoption. Sandy is the most amazing, giving person I know.