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Yanjing plays fetch!

Posted: March 25, 2015 in caturday
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This is Yanjing playing fetch with me.  He is a feral kitty and likes to take his time adjusting to new places.  We are slowly expanding his world. favorite things are to play and to be brushed.  We had already played fetch for awhile when I decided to make this video.  Being a kitten he does get tired even when he still wants to play.  Much like a kid.


When I found Yanjing in the ceiling of my basement garage he was 6 months old. I was looking for ways to help this feral kitty become a pet. One of the things I would do would be to search for youtube videos that had kittens and cats purring and playing. These were very helpful. I also wanted to get something that we could watch together. I found this Cat Sitter video from and as you will see he loves it. I need to get the rest of them. The one I have gets 5 stars from me!