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Greetings from my backyard.  Come check out my very brave gray squirrel!  I made the dragonhead and decided to see how the different squirrels would react to it.  Enjoy and feel free to share it.

Music from Youtube Audio Library, Galactic Damages by Jingle Punks.



Cosmic Queen
BY Marcia A. Borell

Alone awash in fiery drapes she wades,
Through meteoric seas of living dream.
Celestial comets twine her flaming braids,
As Pisces soars above the stellar stream.

Along the bank she seeks with silver spade,
The clay to dig and mold enchanted orbs.
With mud a sphere upon her hand is made,
To dry awaiting brightly colored robes.

She plucks appealing globes of cosmic dust,
To spin a wooly skein of pastel cloud.
Her needles stitch bright hues on earthy crust,
The rivers run so blue it makes her proud.

Around and around she turns the infant world,
To pick and carve the oceans, lakes, and sea.
Then pinches folds for mountains knit and purled,
Her breath upon the planet sets it free.

Poem and illustration first published in A Calendar in Poetry and Art 2005, published by Sam’s Dot Publishing.


I was so lucky this morning I was getting my second cup of coffee when I noticed something moving outside my kitchen window. Reminder to self – keep not only my camera but also my tripod handy.  I held my camera up against the doorframe so that it would stay at least a little bit still. Sorry, it is a bit shaky!

Enjoy!!!!!  And feel free to share this.


Come join me for a walk along my favoite rocky shore. We will be collecting unique stones for an object meditation.



                 All three were first published in FMAM: Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Autumn 2004

These are for my cousin, a huge Monk fan!


And one more!  Enjoy!





by Marcia A. Borell

Amid the trucks and toys your books may lay
Forgotten ’til the end of day.
With rubbing eyes and open yawn you seek
To cuddle and from under blankets peek.

With thumb in mouth and satin edge to cheek
We turn the page while rockers start to creak.
As dragons, knights and castles fill the air
A little finger twirls my hair.

I gently stand to walk across the floor
While ugly monsters vanish out the door.
One final hug in your warm downy bed
Your tiny fingers reach for bunny Fred.

With Fred in hand I stroke your silky hair
Then stretch and yawn and take the tiller’s care.
I set the solar sails to guide our flight
A homeward bound we sail through starry night.


Marcia A. Borell
First published in Kid’s Visions, 2004

I am a big Jim Henson fan. After watching the Jim Henson Creature Shop I created a dragon head puppet. I was curious to see how the squirrels would react to it as a food source.

The black squirrels would not go near it, the gray squirrels would grab peanuts and run, and the red squirrels would crawl all over it.

I used Spring Song (1909) by The Victor Herbert Orchestra, The Edison Cylinders 1909 – 1913

Back ground music is in the Public Domain from

Destiny’s Tears
A Drabble by Marcia Borell

Destiny looked out over her realm. Humanity was divided by age, emotions, and suspicion. Shadows had skewed their perspective darkening their reality. Sadly she reached into her bag of consequences.

In the bag were many smooth spheres which contained glittering particles of stardust. Most released an even mixture of hope and sorrow, health and illness, love and hate. An icy one stuck to her hand. Pulling it out she stared into its ugly swirling darkness.

Destiny’s tears fell as she cast it upon the world. In the murky blackness there were specks of silvery dust. Hope, there was always hope.

First published in Passion Fruit and Other Loops by L.A. Story Houry, June, 2003

First published in Passion Fruit and Other Loops by L.A. Story Houry, June, 2003

Come join me on a peaceful walk along my favorite rocky shore. We will enjoy a memory of paddling a canoe through quiet peaceful waters. This is another short meditation for a few minutes of peace and calm.




First published in FMAM: Futures Mysterious Anthology Magazine, Summer 2004